Manufacturing / Overview

Safety is the highest priority for the Daicel Safety Systems America Arizona, Inc. (DSSA AZ) team and the mainstay of our successful history of producing highly reliable products for automotive safety systems. DSSA AZ will continue to reaffirm a strong global commitment to meet or exceed health and safety regulations.

DSSA AZ Inflator Manufacturing facility manufactures automobile inflators for passenger-side occupant restraint applications. The air bag inflator consists of a metal casing containing an Initiator, an enhancing material and a gas generant, as outlined by the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT), to inflate the air bag in an automobile supplemental restraint system. Regardless of the intended customer application, the manufacture and testing of inflators is essentially the same: small quantities of energetic materials are sealed in a metal housing which is qualified through an aggressive quality assurance process including leak-testing, dimensional verification, and destructive testing. The completed inflator is then placed in robust packaging before being shipped to customers.

Automotive safety system production activities are characterized by making a large number (typically more than one million parts per year) of relatively few types of parts (i.e., high volume, high reliability, low variability). The automotive business is based on car model years, therefore, the same automotive part may be made for one or more years and the same part may be shipped to the same customer weekly. As such, there is little change in the types of materials used and there is typically a long lead time to prepare for changes needed for a new car model year.

The DSSA AZ inflator manufacturing facility and operations are designed and based on International Codes, general industry best practices and leading edge technology to ensure safety, quality and efficient production of inflators for automotive safety systems. DSSA AZ will continue to examine opportunities for improvement and refinement of safety, quality and operational systems. DSSA AZ is led by the team at Special Devices, Inc. (SDI) which is a recognized leader in the design, development and manufacture of precision energetic devices and has manufactured millions of electro-mechanical-explosive devices and electro-explosive devices throughout its history.